Current and Past Research

Projective Cities studio. Photo: Valerie Bennett

Projective Cities is dedicated to a research- and design-based analysis of the contemporary city. It recognises the City as a new contemporary field, area of study, design, and research agenda, and pursues through experimentation and speculation the meaningful production of new diagrams and ideas of the City.

Current research projects in the Projective Cities programme study Beijing, Paris, Shanghai, the Veneto, Zurich, Brasilia, Brussels, Copenhagen, Lille, The Hague, London, Cambridge, Sydney, and New York.

MPhil dissertations:

  • Claudio Nieto Rojas, ‘The Urban Form of Aviation’ (2017)
  • Suchendra Akula Venkatesh, ‘Another Vistara: New Assembly Buildings and Regional Architecture in Karnataka’ (2017)
  • Dario Marcobelli, ‘Corporateville: Leisure as Commodity’ (2017)
  • Seyithan Ozer, ‘From Enclosure to Partition: School Design and Pedagogy’ (2017)
  • Ilias Oikonomakis, ‘Domestic Conflicts: Forms of Collective Living in Metropolitan London’ (2017)
  • José Ignacio Vargas Mier y Terán, ‘Housing for an Ageing Population’ (2017)
  • Talia Davidi, ‘Canaan 2048’ (2017)
  • Leonhard Alexander Clemens, ‘Exit Parliament: The Hotel as a Political Institution’ (2016)
  • Jiyoon Gu, ‘The Scholar’s Garden as a Model for Spatial Governance’ (2016)
  • Valerio Massaro, ‘Sovereignty of Space Use: Reframing Ownership’ (2016)
  • Tianyi Shu, ‘Small Government and Big Society: Innovation Infrastructure and Interactive Urban Development in Xi’an’ (2016)
  • Simon Goddard, ‘Constructing Tertiary Lille’ (2015)
  • Naina Gupta, ‘Palaces Without A People: A Post-National Forum’ (2015)
  • Yu-Hsiang Hung, ‘Beyond the Neighbourhood: The Shi-Jie in Kaohsiung’ (2015)
  • Yana Petrova, ‘Domesticity and Social Production’ (2015)
  • Guillem Pons, ‘Private Brussels’ (2015)
  • Yating Song, ‘Rethinking the Urban Block: Educational Infrastructure as the Driver of Shenzhen’s Renovation’ (2015)
  • Runze Zhang, ‘Ritual, Protocol, Domesticity, and Education in Cambridge’ (2015)
  • Cyan Jingru Cheng, ‘Hukou Reform as Urban Reform: Cellular and Infrastructural Development’ (2014)
  • Maria Gabriella Nunes Pinta Gama, ‘The Lobbyist City: Brasilia – The Latent Extension’ (2014)
  • Marcin Daniel Ganczarski, ‘The Inner City Campus: Academic Space in Zurich’ (2014)
  • Filipe Lourcenco, ‘Paris: The Metropolis of Tomorrow and its UnPlanning’ (2014)
  • Aainaa Suhardi, Rationalising the Sprawl in the Veneto’ (2014)
  • Cao Xiaomao, ‘Education as Urban Strategy: Reframing Chinese Cultural Industry’ (2014)
  • Yasmina El Chami, ‘Beirut, From City of Capital to Capital City: Reconstructing a Lebanese State Identity within Neo-liberal Economy’ (2013)
  • Yuqi Huang, ‘Centre as Void: Hangzhou’s New City Centre’ (2013)
  • Thiago Tavares Abranches de Soveral, ‘Legacy or Fallacy? Rio de Janeiro and the Olympic Legacy’ (2013)
  • Alvaro Antonio Arancibia Tagle, ‘The Social Housing Centre: Type, Urban Form, Policy-making, and Standards in Santiago’ (2013)
  • Yuwei Wang, ‘The Chinese Unit: Persistence of the Collective Urban Model in Beijing’ (2013)
  • Sakiko Goto, ‘Tokyo Podium: The Interface to the City’ (2012)

MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design Projective Cities | Architectural Association Graduate School | London

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