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“Spot the edit”. EDIT Collective at Projective Cities.

Public Lecture, Tuesday 4 May 2021, 6.30pm

If you want to attend, please follow the link below to register:


Really excited to be hosting EDIT.

Edit is a group of womxn working collectively to challenge the enduring biases and hierarchies embedded in the built environment. The feminist design collective believes in full social, economic, and political equality for all and uses design as a tool to support more egalitarian interactions, both during the design process and as an outcome of the finished project.

In 2020 Edit was commissioned to design How we live now for the Barbican Centre. The exhibition showcases the work of Matrix Feminist Design Cooperative and it is due to open this spring. Edit’s proposal aims to address how an archive of feminist architectural artefacts can be displayed and disseminated in a feminist way, both through the design of the exhibition infrastructure as well as the graphic material.

This year Edit was also selected by the Future Architecture Platform for their call for ideas with the project Honey I’m Home. This ongoing research project, focusing on domestic design, explores how the layout and contents of our homes have the power to influence and maintain established gender and family roles.

As part of the same research project, Edit exhibited a fictional prototype for collectivising domestic labour at the Oslo Architecture Triennale in 2019. As an alternative to the capitalist assumption that housework is most efficient when performed individually, the Gross Domestic Product is a device that can be used only by three people.

Members of Edit are:

Alberte Lauridsen
Alice Meyer
Hannah Rozenberg
Marianna Janowicz
Svitlana Lavrenchuk
Saijel Taank
Sophie Williams

more information, on the following link:


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