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“Worker-centred Transitions”. Autonomy UK at Projective Cities.

Public lecture, Tuesday, Mach 2, 6.30pm.

We are delighted to be hosting Julian Knowlton Siravo from Autonomy UK, tomorrow evening at 6.30pm. If you want to attend, please follow the link below to register:…/whatson/autonomy-uk

For the past three years, Autonomy has been developing research and proposals about the future – and end – of work. Tackling themes that range from working time to wages, welfare to workspace, the think-tank has developed a unique set of tools and approaches to navigate the ongoing crises. In this lecture Julian Siravo, head of Autonomy’s urban research branch, takes us for a tour into the engine room of the think tank, explaining how certain ideas – from the four-day week to neighbourhood care centres – have travelled across media platforms and political arenas. The talk will explore the role and potential of deploying spatial investigation and drawing in a Westminster think tank.

Speaker’s bio:

Julian Siravo is an architect and urban designer working in policy. He has spent time in research and commercial architectural practices, eventually gravitating to the think tank world. He has worked for Common Wealth and leads Autonomy UK’s urban research branch. Julian currently teaches history and theory of architecture at UCL and, along with Stephanie Sherman, at the RCA’s City Design programme.

The lecture’s full video is now online at:

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