AAPC Public Lecture: Pavlos Philippou

Projective Cities is hosting a seminar and lecture by Dr Pavlos Philippou:

Cultural Buildings’ Genealogy of Originality: The Individual, the Unique and the Singular

Guggenheim, Neue Staatsgallerie, MASP, Southbank Centre

Date: 23/11/2012, Time: 13:00, Venue: Lecture Hall

In recent years cultural buildings have proliferated widely as keystones within strategies of urban development and regeneration. From both an historical and performative dimension, there is a consistent attempt to problematise these buildings as unique, distinctive and novel. Through a series of case studies, this lecture proposes to investigate the continuities but also the dynamism and differentiation that architecture brings to the urban field.

Pavlos Philippou is an architect involved in practice, teaching and research. He has taught at the AA, while his work has been published and exhibited internationally. Apart from his PhD, Pavlos has completed both his Diploma and MA (Housing & Urbanism, Distinction) at the AA.

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