AAPC Public Lecture: Alexander d’Hooghe and Luk Peeters

The Projective Cities programme is hosting a lecture by Alexander d’Hooghe and Luk Peeters.

Suburban Formology: Forms to Organise Infrastructural Logistics

Alexander-dHooghe and Luk Peeters Suburban Formology

Date: 28/2/2012, Time: 18:00:00, Venue: Lecture Hall

The lecture will focus on the re-activation of late-modernist templates about architectural interventions on infrastructure. Since the Second World War many of these templates have been ambitious statements on behalf of society, which nevertheless were either forgotten or ridiculed. Today, however, the field possesses the means and insights to upgrade and realise some of these concepts, such as the open platform-building, the megastructure, the monumental grouping. The practice seeks to learn from failed attempts historically, but nevertheless, in cannibalising history, aims to insert a sense of continuity into the modernist project.

D’Hooghe and Peeters are partners in the Organization for Permanent Modernity, an architectural and urban design firm comprised of an academic group at MIT in Boston and a professional practice stationed in both Boston and Brussels. The formalisation and objectification of infrastructural elements is central in their current work. Projects include a masterplan for the slaughterhouse district in Brussels (including a 25,000-square-metre market building); a series of public facilities and town centres around Brussels; a plan for the protection and expansion of the coastline between France and The Netherlands (2009); and a competition-winning entry for a large landfill in South Korea (2008).

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