2015 Final Presentations

Date: 29/5/2015
Time: 10am-6pm
Venue: Second Rear Presentation Space (36 Bedford Square)

Presentations of the final dissertations from the Projective Cities programme, featuring a lecture by Senan Abdelqader at 2pm.

SenanPhoto: Omar Abdelqader

Senan Abdelqader, architect and urban planner from Jerusalem talks about practicing in the occupied territories. He is principal of Senan Abdelqader Architects, established in 1995. Working on numerous private and public projects, he tries to influence and is influenced by social and political variables, and has created a public platform where the process of planning is considered to be a collective act and a space for civil practices. Senan started teaching at Tel-Aviv University in 1998 and founded the ‘in-formal’ unit at Bezalel Academy in 2006. In year 2011, he was a guest professor at the Dessau Institution of Architecture.

Reviewers: Pier Vittorio Aureli (AA), Peter Bishop (UCL), Oliver Domeisen (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna), Peg Rawes (UCL), Francisco Sanin (Syracuse Architecture, London) and Peter Swinnen (51N4E)

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