Taught MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design (Projective Cities)

Projective Cities is a globally unique graduate programme at the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) in London leading to an Master of Philosophy degree in Architecture and Urban Design. Founded in 2010, the programme has a very successful record of enabling students to follow a diverse career in practice, teaching and further academic study. 

Projective Cities is dedicated to systematic analysis, design experimentation, theoretical speculations and critical writing. At the core of its research enquiries are multi-scalar and inter-disciplinary problems arising from the disciplines of architecture, urban design and planning, but also the tensions between design and traditional modes of research: its aims is to challenge conventional disciplinary limits.

Projective Cities is a critical forum to examine the conception and formation of the city within diverse political, economic, social, and cultural contexts.

Projective Cities invites graduates and practitioners with a desire to develop a substantial and original piece of individual research; seeks exceptional thinkers, gifted designers, and critical writers with an interest in the future of our cities.

Projective Cities prepares students for independent research through its taught programme and supports their enquiries by providing supervision and a framework of rigorous design and research methodologies. Although conceived as a stand-alone degree, its training in research methods and thesis work offers students also a structured way into a PhD.

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